Joao Donato - Quem E Quem LP


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Label: Polysom

When João Donato released Quem é Quem in 1973, he had already had a career of more than 20 years and had achieved national and international recognition. Even so, the album marked the beginning of a new phase in his career: the surprising multi-instrumentalist was putting lyrics to his songs for the first time.

One of his most important albums, Quem é Quem was produced by Milton Miranda and Marcos Valle, with arrangements by João Donato, Maestro Gaya, Lan Guest, Laércio de Freitas and Dory Caymmi. The album features 12 tracks, most of which he wrote with partners such as Geraldo Carneiro, Lysias Ênio, Paulo Cesar Pinheiro, Caetano Veloso and João Carlos Pádua. The only exception is the song "Cala Boca Menino," by Dorival Caymmi.