Joe Henderson - The Elements LP


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Label: Fantasy

Our Review:

Originally released on Milestone in 1973, Joe Henderson's The Elements is a landmark document of spiritual jazz and the iconic tenor saxophonist's finest hour. Even when played through a thick haze of delay, Henderson's tone is distinct and powerful, honed over a decade of releases on Blue Note and Milestone. His earlier music had been decidedly post-bop, although it consistently pushed how far out jazz could go while still staying true to form. This record though is a true step beyond, with hints of psychedelia and fusion, Latin and African rhythms, and droning tanbura. There are four compositions, each a meditation on one of the classical elements: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The Elements gives us the rare treat of hearing Alice Coltrane play in someone else's ensemble, and her contributions are sublime. The band also includes Charlie Haden, Michael White and Kenneth Nash. Remastered from the original tapes, The Elements is finally available again on vinyl and not to be missed.