Jorge Lopez Ruiz - Bronca Buenos Aires LP


Sold Out

Label: Altercat

Essential jazz from Argentina, originally released in 1971. Bronca Buenos Aires is one of the highlights in the career of Jorge López Ruiz, alongside El Grito and the much-acclaimed Viejas Raíces project.

The album is a jazz poem by López Ruiz to the city he loved, not just for its virtues but also its faults, and the recording was an ambitious project that gathered many of the prominent jazz musicians of Buenos Aires.

However, due to the repressive political context of the time, Bronca Buenos Aires was not performed live upon its release. The text that accompanies the music, written and narrated by José Tcherkaski, was too daring despite not being directly outspoken against the dictatorship that ruled in Argentina, and broadcasters kept a distance under fear of retaliation by the military establishment. Inexplicably, several later re-releases of Bronca Buenos Aires omitted the spoken word overdubs, stripping the album of half of its beauty and significance.

Altercat proudly brings you a new reissue of this essential recording IN FULL, with its original spoken words in Spanish, respecting the original artwork and with an accompanying booklet with an English translation of the texts, including a foreword by Jose Tcherkaski. Sound sourced from the master tapes, and caringly mastered by Pablo López Ruiz.