Jose Prates & Miecio Askanasy - Tam... Tam... Tam...! LP


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Label: Trunk

Tam... Tam... Tam...! is an incredibly rare Brazilian LP by José Prates and Miecio Askanasy. Issued only once in 1958 as a souvenir from Meicio Askansay's Braziliana, this remarkable exotic and insanely rare LP is the blueprint of the Brazilian sound that was to come over the next decade. Here you will hear the origins of "Mas-Que-Nada" along with chords, rhythms and sounds that with be strangely familiar to you. But nothing sounds quite like Tam... Tam... Tam...!

Tam... Tam... Tam...! is a landmark in the development of the Brazilian sound that would explode around the world in the decade to follow. It's stunning both as a historical touchstone and as a standalone musical triumph. The infectious rhythms, melodies, and exotic sounds that fill this album are deep, raw, and totally engaging. This new master was taken from the "Egon" original, this is Egon from Now-Again, who has a rare original in near perfect condition.