Kosuke Mine Quintet - Mine LP


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Label: Le Tres Jazz Club

Le Très Jazz Club present a reissue of Kosuke Mine Quintet's first release, Mine, originally released on Three Blind Mice in 1970. Fuzati (Klub Des Loosers), producer and die-hard crate digger, has teamed up with Modulor to launch the Le Très Jazz Club label, dedicated to jazz vinyl reissues. For the first two releases, Mine, presented here, and Green Caterpillar, Le Très Jazz Club has chosen to celebrate Japan. Japanese jazz is sadly one of the best-kept secrets in music. But, it would be a huge loss to miss Mine, the sublime first album from Kosuke Mine Quintet, released in 1970 on the legendary Three Blind Mice label. The record, made of a four long pieces where Kosuke Mine's sax (alto and soprano) and Hideo Ichikawa's Fender Rhodes never stop to respond to each other is a monument of dense and spiritual jazz.