Lal & Mike Waterson - Bright Phoebus LP


Sold Out

Label: Domino

Originally released in 1972 Bright Phoebus combined the incredibly song writing of siblings Lal & Mike from folk revival Waterson group. It's release was greeted with derision, and it's initial pressing of 2000 LPs has long since fallen out of print. Since then the album has become legend, it's scarcity not hindering generations of music fans falling for its beguiling atmosphere. This release will be the first time that the album will be widely available. Not only that but under the supervision of David Suff (produce for both Topic and Fledg'ling Records) and Marry Waterson (daughter of Lal) we've been able to remaster the album from the original master tapes. It's tempting to say that it was a record ahead of its time, but actually, Bright Phoebus is a record that exists outside of its time. A journey into a world where beauty and hardship are intertwined: a world of pagan sacrifice and stillborn children. A world where fairytale endings are frustrated by the demands of mere survival. Where even the visiting "magical man" passing through the town seems to carry with him a faint air of menace.