Laraaji - Ambient 3: Day of Radiance LP+CD


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Label: Glitterbeat

Our Review:

Ambient 3: Day of Radiance is the breakthrough album for Edward Larry Gordon (aka Laraaji, to use his preferred, new age moniker), produced by Brian Eno and published in 1980 on Editions EG. It was this album that introduced Laraaji's majestic, electric zither ambiance to a wider audience. Discovered busking in Washington Square Park after years of self-releasing tapes, studying eastern mysticism and developing a practice of laughter therapy, Laraaji was soon after enlisted by Eno to release an album in his Ambient series, much as Eno did with Harold Budd. Comprised of two suites of music, "The Dance" and "Meditation", Laraaji employs gamelan-like rhythms on an electronically treated hammer dulcimer in the first suite, while the slowed down zither is featured in the second suite. Eno as usual keeps a restrained but guiding role in delicately layering and treating the tracks with a beautifully soft-focus feel. An essential release!