Les Masques - Brasilian Sound LP


Sold Out

Label: Le Tres Groove Club

Le Tres Groove Club present a reissue of Les Masques' Brasilian Sound, originally released in 1969. Claude Germain (Les Double Six), José Bartel, Marie Vassiliu, Pierre Vassiliu – Indeed the singers forming Les Masques are from being unknown. In 1969 they entered Studio Davout with le Trio Camara to record Brasilian Sound. Composed of 11 tracks, it is a superb album, masterfully produced and recorded, a gripping record to listen in one go. It will transport you to atmospheres both dreamy and naïve, ones that belong to that period. Produced in 500 copies on CBS, Brasilian Sound was not a success unfortunately and it is today impossible to find the original French pressing (which sounds much better than the Canadian pressing released at the same time). This reissue on Le Tres Groove Club comes 50 years after its release.