Les Rallizes Denudes - YaneUra Oct. '80 2xLP


Label: Temporal Drift

Release Date: August 23rd, 2024

In 1980, Les Rallizes Dénudés welcomed guitarist Fujio Yamaguchi (The Dynamites, Murahachibu, Teardrops) to its fold. The unconventional pairing of inimitable Rallizes frontman Mizutani with Fujio’s unrestrained, bluesier styles ushered in a new era for the band that excited fans old and new. This unique arrangement lasted lasted less than a year, but the lineup would leave behind a long-lasting impact among Rallizes fans that can still be felt to this day. Among the seven gigs played by the Fujio-era lineup, one particular show stood out from the rest. YaneUra Oct. ‘80 contains the blistering performance that took place on October 29, 1980, at the original YaneUra live house in Shibuya, Tokyo. This night, one of a series of gigs played at YaneUra by this lineup, has always been considered one of the certifiable classics among the live tapes that circulated among Rallizes aficionados. Newly mixed and mastered from the best available sources by Rallizes member Makoto Kubota, YaneUra Oct. ‘80 is the long-awaited, first-ever official release of this show. Built upon the tight rhythm section of bassist Doronco (Kiyohiro Takada) and drummer Kodo Noma, the violent interplay between the twin guitars of Mizutani and Fujio was known to have generated a jet-black aura that would permeate the air during each performance. The intense, 30-minute-plus medley of “I’m the Darkness” leading into “Flame of Ice” in particular can be considered one of the defining performances of the Rallizes entire career.