Los Yndeseables - El Perfecto Ruido LP+7"


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Label: Buh

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Los Yndeseables was a post-punk musical project active between 1984 and 1985 in Lima. It was founded by Guillermo Valdivia, better known as Kimba Vilis, drummer and founding member of Leusemia, a punk band representative of "Rock Subterraneo", the hardcore punk movement that emerged in Lima in the mid-1980s. The complete recordings of Los Yndeseables are published here for the first time. The album includes the demo rehearsal El Perfecto Ruido, a historical document, as it is one of the first Peruvian DIY records, as well as two studio-recorded songs "Escapa del control" and "Asquerosa corrupcion", with a piercing sound of dissonant electric guitar and an electronic rhythmic base, presented here on separate 7" vinyl. Under the name of Los Yndeseables, Kimba Vilis recorded a demo entitled El Perfecto Ruido (The Perfect Noise) in May 1985, using acoustic guitars, a battery-powered keyboard and sounds of home objects (cans, tubes, etc.). For this experiment, he recruited Mario Chirinos, known as Mario Almanegra, the bass player of Zcuela Cerrada, a band where Kimba had played guitar and composed some songs. Recorded at home, the ten songs that make up El Perfecto Ruido showed a particular rawness and nakedness, marked by disenchantment and existential anguish, exploring dizzying emotional states, as well as a variety of sounds that manifested an attachment to the experimental and dissonant spirit of post-punk. At the end of 1985, Kimba re-recorded at the studio Filderes two of the demo's songs in electric format for the compilation Vol 2, which brought together a new wave of underground groups. The songs "Escapa del control" (Escape Control) and "Asquerosa corrupcion" (Disgusting corruption) showcased Los Yndeseables in an exercise of creative freedom and imagination without precedents in the Lima underground scene, with a piercing sound of dissonant electric guitar, a hypnotic bass line and an electronic rhythmic base, which placed the band at the vanguard of this generation. "Escapa del control" has since become a cult song played by many musicians from the following generations and is without a doubt one of the essential songs of "Rock Subterráneo". Includes extensive information and visual documentation, plus 7" vinyl Escapa del control/Asquerosa corrupción. Mastered by Alberto Cendra at Garden Lab Audio. Cover art by Héctor Delgado.