Low - The Exit Papers LP


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Label: Temporary Residence Ltd.

Our Review:

Duluth, Minnesota's Low are well into their 3rd decade of output and are one of the longest running and most consistently interesting indie bands – well, ever. Originally released in 2000 as a limited edition CD, The Exit Papers is the imagined soundtrack to a film that doesn't exist. Sparse even by Low's standards, quietly experimental and hauntingly beautiful, the album consists of 6 untitled pieces; mostly instrumental with only a smattering of wordless vocals. When you hear Low like this, stripped down to its instrumental core, you can hear more clearly just how massive an influence they must have had on the 21st century output of labels like Temporary Residence Ltd. and Kranky and artists such as Explosions In The Sky and Grouper. Released on vinyl now, for the first time ever – to help Temporary Residence Ltd. celebrate their 20th anniversary – The Exit Papers is an essential album by Low from one of their creative peaks (recorded in between the now-classic titles, Secret Name and Things We Lost In The Fire).