Lustmord - Dark Matter 2xLP


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Label: Hydra Head

Our Review:

Brian "Lustmord" Williams began his musical career in the early '80s as a member of SPK, whose early Industrial albums set a very high standard for aggressive electronics, shock tactics and raw aggression. Williams really came into his own with the seminal 1990 album Heresy -- an overwhelmingly bleak album that fused the reverberations from catacombs with a spectral ambience whose influence can be felt from the acoustically inclined realms of sound art to the infernal expressionism of black metal. In 1994, Lustmord released another masterpiece in his catalogue of dark ambience in The Place Where The Black Stars. With Dark Matter, Williams returns to a similar source material that he employed in The Place Where The Black Stars. Taking poetic license from the astrophysical studies of black holes as well as from archaic solar cults, Williams has crafted an electronic album that is as nightmarishly bleak as it is Wagnerian in scope. Long passages of irradiated dark matter stream into eternal drones reflecting the vastness of empty space. Subdued half-melodies and siren-song chantings slowly churn into ever deepening rumbles and the blackest of ambient drift.

Dark Matter was released in 2016 on CD through Touch and reprised in 2017 with slightly different edits on the Hydra Head vinyl edition.