Maki Asakawa - s/t 2xLP


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Label: Honest Jon's

Our Review:

Wow, were we ever blown away by this release! Maki Asakawa may be known to Japanese aficionados of cultish '70s blues and jazz, translating American blues standards into Japanese, and striking a defiant diva-ish figure like Nina Simone or Billie Holiday, but she was a total surprise to us. She recorded and performed up until 2010 where she died of heart failure right before a live performance.

Her songs take you to that inner place of deep complex moods. Keiji Haino is reportedly a big fan, so that should tell you something. Honest Jon's has done a great service by compiling this great survey of her early work from 1969-1986 that showcases a range of moods from torch songs to groovy psych jazz to some lovely haunting chanson invoking everything heady, heavy, and slow. The bluest of the Blues. So highly recommended!!!