Maria Rita - Brasileira LP


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Label: Mr. Bongo

Maria Rita is a musical pioneer that was ahead of her time. On first hearing her song, "Cantico Brasileiro No.3 (Kamaiura)", we thought it sounded like a contemporary remix that an artist such as Carl Craig could have produced. In fact, it came out in 1988 and was taken from Maria's Brasileira album, released on the Brazilian, independent Acorde imprint. The song would go on to gain cult status with its inclusion on John Gomez's superb Outro Tempo compilation, released on the Music From Memory label in 2017.

This cult classic fuses new-age electronics with indigenous vocals and Amazonian rhythms. It is beautiful and unique and takes you on a journey through different moods, textures and ethereal planes. Through the sounds Maria created, you join her on a timeless voyage gazing into the future whilst embracing her powerful roots.