Marion Brown - Le Temps Fou (Musique Du Film De Marcel Camus) LP


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Label: Le Tres Jazz Club

Le Tres Jazz Club present a reissue of Marion Brown's Le Temps Fou (Musique du film de Marcel Camus), originally released in 1969. Marion Brown, who moved to Europe two years earlier than 1969, and records, in the legendary Parisian studio Davout, the soundtrack of the movie by Marcel Camus entitled Le Temps Fou. The movie starred Nino Ferrer and came out in 1970 under the title Un été sauvage. Fallen into oblivion, Le Temps Fou was printed in very few copies and is almost impossible to find in its original pressing. Personnel: Marion Brown – alto sax, bells; Gunter Hampel – vibes, bass clarinet, tree bells; Ambrose Jackson – trumpet cow bells, tambour; Barre Phillips – contra basse, castanetes, whistle; Steve McCall – drums, triangle, tambour; Alain Corneau – claves, cow bells.