Mauthausen Orchestra - Murderfuck LP


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Label: Urashima

Our Review:

Urashima continues in the re-issue campaign of Mauthausen Orchestra's early cassettes of brutal power electronics. Mauthausen Orchestra was the pseudonym for Pierpaolo Zoppo, an Italian malcontent inspired by the earliest works from Whitehouse, Ramleh, and the more extreme proponents of Industrial culture, with this work heralded alongside Maurizio Bianchi and Atrax Morgue in pioneering an Italian axis of harsh electronics that is as captivating as it is horrifying. Murderfuck was originally a cassette released on the Aquilifer Sodality imprint back in 1983, and the album's nightmarish content lives up to the title, channeling an unseemly and unhealthy appetite for sexual depravity wracked with paranoia, claustrophobia, and self-loathing. One side of Murderfuck is an unhinged work of impenetrably thick noise choked with tape hiss and synth-drone murk, where the other is a brutally harsh reinvention of Whitehouse's ear-drum piercing feedback explorations. So fucked-up.