McCarthy - The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth 2xLP+7"


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Label: Optic Nerve

Limited edition on color vinyl.

Originally released in 1989. McCarthy's The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth is a musical molotov cocktail that's a mixture of power chords and virile, virtuous lyrics. The songwriting is tightly forged and their knack for producing raw pop is at its finest here. The Enraged Will Inherit The Earth is a powerful weapon that didn't get enough of a user base to make its intended impact. If the question was ever proposed, "can art be a weapon?" this album answers with a bold and resounding "yes." Includes the singles "Boy Meets Girl, So What," "Should The Bible Be Banned," "Keep An Open Mind Or Else," and "This Nelson Rockerfeller." Limited-edition set contains the original LP plus a ten-track bonus LP and a bonus 7" with two previously unreleased tracks. Remastered and pressed on color vinyl with a reworked sleeve by original designer Andy Royston.