Michael Rother - Katzenmusik LP


Sold Out

Label: Groenland

Our Review:

We'd assume that the majority of Stranded regulars are largely familiar with at least one of Michael Rother's projects. Whether it be his work with Kraftwerk, Neu!, Cluster, or Harmonia, Rother's contributions to the last 30 plus years of music are innumerable. Still, his solo work has been conspicuously absent from most write-ups and record shelves. Perhaps that's because the early '80s saw Rother in a bit of transition period from his kosmische glory days to a point where he embraced New Age with arms wide open.

On Katzenmusik, Rother moves more and more into New Age territory, mellowing out even further than on previous solo efforts. The blue sky, fluffy white clouds, and arcing jet-trail of the cover photo are well-evoked by the music inside. Twelve untitled, again all-instrumental tracks, with guitar and synth lines floating on air along to the tick-tock of Jaki's drumming.