MJ Guider - Precious Systems LP


Sold Out

Label: Kranky

Our Review:

Having published Tim Hecker, Labradford and Grouper, Kranky makes a great home to the blissed and blurred music of MJ Guider. Once the pseudonym for Melissa Guion's solo work, MJ Guider has morphed out into a trio, transmitting an ethereal drone-pop rutted from elongated song fragments and shoegazed deconstructions. The immediate references to Tropic Of Cancer and HTRK softly bloom amidst the MJ Guider's soporific take on skeletally post-punk basslines and cleanly thumped drum machines, giving Precious Systems a gloomy almost goth bent. Even so, all of the angles and edges have been melted and blurred, so that the arpeggiated guitars and bass may have begun in some fashion near Siouxsie & The Banshees but sound as if they's sunk several thousand leagues deep into the sea.