Mor Thiam - Dini Safarrar (Drums Of Fire) LP


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Label: Jazzman

Our Review:

An afro-jazz-funk masterpiece of the highest order, Senegalese drummer and singer, Mor Thiam's 1973 private press release Dini Saffarrar (Drums of Fire) finally sees the light of day. Recorded shortly after Thiam (pronounced "Chahm") emigrated from Senegal to St. Louis, Missouri, Dini Saffarrar was made with close family and friends to celebrate the spirit of the Black experience and the social empowerment that was beginning to happen in urban centers following the civil rights movement. The magnetic groove of the opener, Ayo Ayo Nene (Blessing for the new born baby) sets the scene for the glorious good vibes of the whole record, even more so when you know that song is celebrating the birth of Thiam's son who turned out to be multi-platinum hip hop star, Akon. The beautiful melding of horns, flutes, vibes, drums and voices in uplifting African harmonies and uproarious carnival rhythms will bring the sunshine out even on the darkest of days. Highest of recommendations.