Movietone - Peel Sessions LP+CD


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Label: Textile

Recorded for the BBC Radio 1 John Peel show 1994-1997 at Maida Vale Studios, London. Movietone were part of the Bristol scene in the 1990s that contained Flying Saucer Attack, Third Eye Foundation, and Crescent. Band members from all three of these bands played in Movietone, with Kate Wright being the main songwriter. Signed to Planet Records, Movietone did their first John Peel Session a few weeks after the release of their debut single "She Smiled Mandarine Like" in 1994. They went on to do three Peel Sessions in total between 1994-1997 and moved to Domino Records and Drag City in 1997.

These sessions do not exist online and have never previously been heard by anyone other than those who listened to the original broadcasts. As Movietone are no longer making music (they have been superseded by 1000 Dawns), these archive recordings are even more special. They contain early or alternative versions of songs from Movietone's first three records: Movietone (1995), Day and Night (1997), and The Blossom Filled Streets (2000), along with a song from their pre-Movietone days as Lynda's Strange Vacation. The last session is unique because Matt Elliott (Third Eye Foundation) is playing on them -- he had left the band by the time that the album was recorded and released three years later. Movietone on the John Peel Sessions are: Kate Wright (1000 Dawns/Crescent), Rachel Brook (Flying Saucer Attack), Matt Elliott (Third Eye Foundation/Flying Saucer Attack), Matt Jones (Crescent/1000 Dawns), Sam Jones (Balky Mule/Crescent/Flying Saucer Attack), Florence Lovegrove, Ros Walford. Lynda's Strange Vacation were: Matt Elliott, Kate Wright, and Rachel Coe.