No Trend - Too Many Humans / Teen Love LP+12"+7"+2xCD


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Label: Drag City

No Trend's negging anti-hardcore exploded out of Washington DC in 1983, harshly contrasting that city's straight-edge punk scene. Confrontational, sarcastic and righteously set against the faddish ways of youth subculture, No Trend's nihilistic rejection of punk was itself a vital punk-rock expression. The band continuing to writhe in iconoclastic glee for a few more years, but these remasters of their earliest recordings, plus demos and a live set, showcase the stark industrial rage that had few rivals for unsettling sounds in a VERY unsettling era.

The ultimate early No Trend comp (circa '82-'83): the post-punk outliers' first album, Too Many Humans and both 12" and 7" versions of the Teen Love EP - PLUS a double-disc with their first demo tape, two live shows, and all the album tracks! PLUS a 42 page booklet with photos, graphics and an oral history of the period. PLUS a wealth of inserts, flyers and weird shit. All packaging as originally released, and housed in plain white box with appropriate "NO" and "TREND" sides.

No Trend's early '80s hardcore angst elevated to post-punk level via satiric lyrics, Frank Price's droning guitar and the relentless roll of the rhythm section. Jeff Metnges' scream is most emo, albeit sarcastically-toned most of the time; his derision was paramount. Punk was a pose; No Trend were a commentary. Following the ethos of their name, they made entirely different music in the remainder of their existence. This is the definitive early No Trend, with all the ephemera supplied for a virtual hands-on rediscovery.