Okay Temiz - Drummer Of Two Worlds LP


Label: Caz Plak

Release Date: April 19th, 2024

First official reissue for one of the most sampled Turkish records of the last 50 years!

A Turkish psychedelic masterpiece originally released in 1980 sampled by Rap legends like Scarface of the Geto Boys.

Recorded between Istanbul and Stockholm, it captures the era between Okay Temiz's Don Cherry Trio touring and his own band Oriental Wind's sensational debut.

Mentioned distinctive elements have elevated the record to 'cult' status among record collectors, sample enthusiasts, and diggers around the world.

By 1980, Okay Temiz had already embarked on a series of dynamic collaborations and sound experiences with Don Cherry as a member of the Don Cherry Trio. This period included a noteworthy summer in the early '70s at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, hosted by Jon Appleton, a notable American composer and visionary in electro-acoustic music.

In 1980, without fully realizing he was navigating between these two worlds, Okay Temiz entered Stockholm's renowned Metronome Studios to record the 'sound in his mind' as a solo artist.

Drummer Of Two Worlds is a star map of Okay Temiz's musical worlds. Blending elements from the grand piano to his handmade drums, and from the amplified Berimbau to his cowbell array, weaving Turkish rhythms like 9/8 and 7/8 with the universality of 4/4, it presents a unique sound narrative that resonates with the dimensions of a well-traveled mind.

Licensed from Warner Records Sweden and remastered from original master tapes (found in Warner Record's vaults) by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering Bristol.

180 gram heavyweight vinyl manufactured at Optimal in Germany.