Oneohtrix Point Never - Good Time OST LP


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Label: Warp

Oneohtrix Point Never follows up his recent productions for Anonhi and FKA Twigs, with possibly his most ambitious project yet - the award-winning Good Time Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Recently scooping the best soundtrack award 2017 at Cannes, it features thirteen tracks of electronic wonderment with an incredible and utterly flooring collaboration with none other than Iggy Pop.

Having continuously strived to refine his production skill and style, Oneohtrix Point Never truly hit a peak with his 2015 album Garden Of Delete. By crossing left of centre pop notions with a level of electronic futurism that vastly outweighed all his peers, he crafted a record that sounded fresher than anything that had come before, one that also offered up a refreshed new sound pallette. Yet, on the Good Time soundtrack, OPN has truly outdone himself once again. In doing so has created a record so stunning and visually rich that it is sure to see him taking his much deserved place within the highest ranking levels of modern soundtrack composers. By working outside the parameters of the mainstream, OPN's Good Time is sure to be a world-renowned classic in the making and one that is sure to take pride of place alongside Mica Levi's Under The Skin, Vangelis' Blade Runner and Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks within the field of the greatest soundtracks to ever be committed to wax.