Pali Mersault - Stridulations LP


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Label: Discrepant

Pali Meursault is a sound artist, composer, and sound designer. His electroacoustic and sound art research takes different shapes: compositions for records, radio works, installations, or performances. Environmental sound recording is central in his work, which takes from musique concrète and the sonic exploration of soundscapes. For Stridulations, Mersault confronts recorded and performed sounds, composition and improvisation: field-recordings of animal communication (insects, birds, and bats recorded in France, Japan, and South America) mix and dialog with the "sonification" of fluorescent tubes. Both the environmental sound matter composition and the electromagnetic instrument have evolved with performances between 2014 and 2017. Little by little, new recordings were collected and new electrical and electronic supplies were added to the setup. The record is altogether the outcome of that process and a different take on the project, leaving the synesthetics of the flickering lights but embracing the deepness of "blind" listening. For Pali Mersault, the long research for Stridulations has been a practice for deconstructing binary oppositions between nature and machine, bio- and anthropo-phony, and to explore the strange sonic affinities that exist between some animal voices and technological phenomena.