Pan & Regaliz - s/t LP


Sold Out

Label: Vinilisssimo

Vinilisssimo present a reissue of Pan & Regaliz's self-titled album, originally released in 1971. This is the album any record collector would have at the top of his wants list when visiting Spain. No matter if you are into prog rock, psychedelia, leftfield jazz, kraut or just looking for interesting breaks and beats, this is the record you will need. But let's face it, there are little chances of coming across an original copy of Pan & Regaliz's only album; groundbreaking quality music did not sell well in early '70s Spain. Despite the late release date (1971), the album is often compared with the early Jethro Tull recordings and their distinctive flute work and experimental blues rock sound, but there is much more to it. One of the opening tracks, "Waiting In The Monsters Garden", shows a strong psychedelic edge spiced with Eastern percussions and trippy vocals that anticipate the hazy wandering atmosphere of the entire LP (the superb "I Can Fly" could easily be confused with a West Coast acid jam and would definitely appeal to fans of The Doors). "Today It Is Raining", the longest cut on the record, is one of the most unique passages on the album and features an amazing hypnotic rhythm background that is almost crying for someone to rap on top, no wonder it was sampled by hip hop producer Madlib after hyping it as one of his favorite psych records. Unfortunately the story of Pan & Regaliz did not last long and shortly after the release of their only album on Ekipo/Dimension the band broke up, merely one year after their very first single (signed as Agua de Regaliz) saw the light. Some of the members would join other bands from Barcelona like Evolution or Jarka while the remaining ones would struggle keeping the band active for one more year.