Pascal Comelade - Paralelo 2xLP+CD


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Label: Because

Because Music presents the first reissue of Pascal Comelade's Paralelo, originally released in 1980. Originally self-published on Comelade's Parasite imprint, the album has now been expanded to a double LP with a full LP of mostly unreleased material. This French-Catalan electronic musician composed Paralelo upon an EMS/AKS synthesizer and remains the most representative of Comelade's electronic period from 1974 - 1981. Comelade's practices engage repetitive forms of mechanical, arpeggiating sequences laced with dreamtime melodies that take cues from the minimal facets of Heldon's electronic fortitude. Vocal snippets from Gavin Bryars dot a few of the tracks on the album tracks for Paralelo. "15 Minutes de Sonoto-Luddisme" is one of the bonus tracks featuring a collaborative engagement with David Cunningham of the Flying Lizards.