Philip Tabane And His Malombo Jazzman - The Indigenous Afro-Jazz Sounds Of... LP


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Label: We Are Busy Bodies

These are the indigenous Afro-Jazz Sounds of the Genius, Philip Tabane – the original Malombo Jazzman. It started in 1964 at Orlando Stadium when Philip went on stage, leading his group – "The Malombo Jazzmen." On that Saturday afternoon, South Africa was staging its third Jazz Festival. Philip and his group walked away with all the honours. Malombo Jazz-music was introduced for the first time that year. This group started up as a trio and consisted of flute, guitar and drums. Philip has now parted company with the other two members, and today he plays alongside a young drummer by the name of Gabriel "Sonnyboy" Thobejane. This young man is tremendously versatile, and he plays the thumb piano known as "Dipela" in Northern-Sotho, and drums.

On this LP Philip plays guitar, penny whistle and drums. Listen to the way Philip plays the penny whistle and drums on "Dithabeng." His inherent feel and his knowledge of the instruments can quite obviously be heard. Mastery to say the least! He sings about his sister’s child on "Ke Utlwile," meaning "I’ve Had Enough." Sit back, relax and absorb the vocal and instrumental artistry of Philip Tabane." – Ray Nkwe