Phill Niblock - Four Full Flutes 2xLP


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Label: Blume

Limited edition red vinyl comes in wooden box. Edition of 300.

Joining their broad efforts in building networks of context and understanding, spanning historical and contemporary territories of adventurous sound, Blume Editions is thrilled to announce the long-awaited first-time vinyl pressing of the New York based composer Phill Niblock's seminal Four Full Flutes, restoring the album to the format for which it was originally conceived.

Created in collaboration with the flutists Petr Kotik, Susan Stenger, and Eberhard Blum toward the end of the 1970s, the album's four compositions - "P K," "S L S," "P K & S L S," and "Winterbloom Too" - belong to Niblock's radical rethinking of the possibilities and terms of tape music and microtonalism, the effects of which continue to ripple across the field of experimental to this day.

Created in full collaboration with the composer and issued as a limited wooden box with velvet lining, extensive booklet with newly commissioned liner notes by Bradford Bailey, David First, and David Watson, and an iconic poster.

Few artefacts of minimalism's second wave have proven to have had such an enduring effect.