Popol Vuh - The Essential Album Collection Vol. 1 6xLP


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Label: BMG

Popol Vuh are considered one of the most influential German "70s progressive rock" avant-garde acts of the seventies and are also known as a a pioneering band in ambient and progressive rock music. Their records Affenstunde (1971) and In the Garden of Pharao (1972), played with with the Moog Synthesizer, are noted as fundamentally influencing works in electronica. In 1975, Fricke and Popol Vuh began a lengthy creative partnership with the most acclaimed German filmmaker Werner Herzog, which yielded epic soundtracks for feature films including Aguirre, the Wrath of God, Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu, Heart of Glass and Cobra Verde. As a consequence, Popol Vuh's music has received three Oscar nominations. The name and the book Popol Vuh comes from the mythology of Incan culture and is the memory of the history of becoming humanity. Florian Fricke himself was reluctant to put his music in order. "Music is for me a form of law."