Psychic TV - Pagan Day LP


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Label: Sacred Bones

Our Review:

Originally subtitled "Pages From A Notebook," Pagan Day is a revelatory album delving into the song-writing process for Psychic TV in the early '80s. Various half-truths and self-generated myths surround Pagan Day, including a claim that the album was recorded in a single session of a cup of coffee. It nevertheless remains an intriguing album of primitive 4-track recordings from the core PTV duo of Genesis P-Orridge and Alex Fergusson. A few of these songs were reprised on the 1988 album Allegory & Self, and there's also a primitive version of the baroque pop-ditty "The Orchids" from PTV's iconic Dreams Less Sweet, here christened "Cold Steel" and sung by Fergusson, not P-Orridge. Continuing a peculiar fascination with the Rolling Stones' Brian Jones, Psychic TV appropriate the arrangement from the Stones' "As Tears Go By" with entirely different lyrics under the new title "Farewell." The best tracks on Pagan Day are of the post-punk / motorik variety as heard in the eeriely empty rhythms on "New Sexuality" and the sinister grooviness of "Cadaques."

Newly remastered and reissued on vinyl for the first time since the late '80s.