Puce Mary - The Spiral LP


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Label: Posh Isolation

Our Review:

Her real name is Frederikke Hoffmeier; and she's a striking Dane who hails from the post-punk / art-noise collective Posh Isolation, which may be known best outside of Copenhagen through the retro charms of Lust For Youth and the punk snarl of Iceage. There are plenty of charms to the noise of Puce Mary, with those charms being nekromantically violent, libidinally impure and just fucking sick. The historical thread of Puce Mary's work traces all the way back to the true crime litanies of Throbbing Gristle's "Very Friendly" and "Hamburger Lady" cast upon bleak arrangements of nauseating electronics. There are also plenty of nods to the equally seminal works of SPK, Brighter Death Now, Premature Ejaculation, and Wolf Eyes; but all of most every major figure and visionary author of power electronics is a dude. Puce Mary / Hoffmeier represents one of the few great female artists wholly operating within this insular aesthetic.

The Spiral is a surgical album that applies the psychoacoustic investigations that John Duncan and Zbigniew Karkowski plumbed, fusing those to the industrial sermons barked by Consumer Electronics and Whitehouse, honed through a craftsmanship for perversity and transgression. The pure, piercing electronics superimpose into scalding walls of glassine noise and psychic negation amidst thrashes of machined lumbering rhythm and Puce Mary's yelped vocals cast as self-hypnotized chants in monotone through piles of effects that may obfuscate the content but none of the existential horror. One of the top contenders for experimental album of the year 2016.