Raime - Quarter Turns Over A Living Line 2xLP


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Label: Blackest Ever Black

Our Review:

This duo of Joe Andrews and Tom Halstead, aka Raime, have conjured up this strange and mysterious slab of dark brooding black energy that's equal parts minimal electronica, bleak black ambience, abstract techno and avant sound design. Casting electro-doom plod as stripped down electronic skitter Raime remind us of Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, creating heaving slabs of rumbling crumbling blackened heaviness. At the same time, there's an industrial menace that could sound like Wolf Eyes if they were commissioned to score for an orchestra. The mutant strains of dub and jungle transform into creeping expanses of sinister stutter and stretching dubstep bass that warble into haunting sprawls of cinematic menace.

The record almost plays out like a soundtrack or score, the various pieces blurring into one another that are still sonically linked through a unifying blackened noise-drone. Distant keening melodies are laced with shards of grinding glitch and underpinned by ominous chordal thrumming. The vibe is dark and doomy, subtly rhythmic and a little bit dubby. Quarter Turns Over A Living Line remains a classic album of superbly rendered black-dub, while also being harsh and inhospitable.