Riccardo A. Luciani - Agonia Della Civilta LP


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Label: Intervallo

Edition of 300.

The great fame of Antonino Riccardo Luciani, a musician and composer from Palermo, is due above all to his work for television and to one in particular, namely the music for the Almanacco del giorno dopo (Almanac of the Coming Day), a famous program that has been broadcast on the first channel of RAI - Italian Television for over twenty years. "Chanson Balladée," this is the title, is for many people an indelible memory of a television now disappeared and radically changed, for which Luciani has often composed wonderful themes and soundtracks of great value as Tecnica di un colpo di stato (Technique of a coup d'état).

Agonia della civiltà (Agony of Civilization), on the other hand, is part of his more experimental and abstract works, such as Inchiesta sul mondo (Inquiry Into the World) or Desol, and reveals the less accommodating side of the Sicilian composer, at work with tense atmospheres, hammering percussions, Musique concrète, magnificent orchestrations and bitter reflections on society.

Originally released in 1972, the album is paradoxically more relevant in these complicated times. Titles such as "Esodo di popolazioni" (Exodus of Populations), "Catastrofe sociale" (Social Disaster), "Disfacimento ecologico" (Ecological Decay), "Metropoli in agonia" (Metropolis in Agony) and "Dramma dell’evoluzione" (Drama of Evolution) foretold our future almost fifty years in advance, accompanied by timeless music.