Richard Soutar - Lavender Daydreams LP


Label: Void

Edition of 370 copies on black vinyl.

One reviewer said this about Lavender Daydreams: "Blissed out folk psycher in the vein of Tim Buckley but way more psyched out. Richard has certainly dropped a tab or three in his time. A really, really good album to mind-surf to, and also poppy enough that it would sound good coming out of a boombox in a field while you are throwing the frisbee and smoking some bohoofus." And they were right—Richard did drop many a tab when writing and recording the album: "The songs 'Lord and Master,' 'Here We Are,' 'Sunny Days,' and several others were inspired by experiences I had on psychedelics. Lavender Daydreams comes from my meditation experiences. 'Electra' is about a girl I fell in love with while tripping... I realized my purpose in life I was always looking for was in experiencing the extraordinary perfection in front of me every moment and engaging it in play and fun ... This is a common theme in my songs. Celebrating those everyday moments. 'Falling Angels' was written about crashing on acid. About when we have to squeeze back into our everyday self and the feeling of "Now that the doors of perception have been blown off their hinges what am I going to do about it." And that slides right into 'A Stranger' where you begin reflecting on it. There you are, crashing, beer in hand, a stranger to yourself. 'Soaring' is inspired by lying on our back in the field by the Long Island Sound on spring afternoon tripping on 'Windowpane'. Mike and I were staring up at the sky and the clouds turned into angels singing and it felt like we were soaring up there free. 'Soaring' was trying to capture the rapture."