Roberto Cacciapaglia - Sei Note in Logica LP+CD


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Label: Mirumir

Our Review:

Released in 1979, Roberto Cacciapaglia's second release, Sei Note In Logica, embraces his minimal classical leanings. While his first album, The Ann Steel Record, also from that same year is a retro-future pop album Sei Note In Logica is an avant-garde systems composition for voices, orchestra and computer. He takes a six note melodic phrase and runs it through every possible musical combination with a choir of female vocalists (including the processed spoken voice of Ann Steel) and the instrumentation of marimbas, strings, woodwinds and computer-based electronics. Its emphasis on repetition and rhythm puts Cacciapaglia rightfully in a more well known circle of minimalist composers like Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley. The album makes for a beautifully epic piece of economic means. Recorded in two parts, this vinyl reissue includes a cd of the vinyl recording plus a bonus version of the acoustic version of the piece with the ensemble without the computer derived enhancements and Ann Steel vocal. Highly Recommended!