Robson Jorge - s/t LP


Sold Out

Label: Mad About

Mad About Records present the first-time reissue of Robson Jorge, an MPB/Brazilian soul album form 1977. One of the most important background figures of Brazilian soul in the '70s and '80s arranger/producer/composer/instrumentalist Robson Jorge, together with his partner Lincoln Olivetti defined the sound of the genre. While Olivetti took most of the fame, Robson Jorge was perhaps the mastermind of the duo, having doubtlessly influenced Tim Maia, but being obscured by his own problems with alcohol (which would finally conduce to his precocious demise). The rare Robson Jorge LP is a testimony of his genius. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he started out in music playing the acoustic guitar that belonged to his brother at age 11. Before turning 15, he was already playing at balls and even recording sessions. By the mid-70s played keyboards on Tim Maia's band (Seroma). Later on that decade, met with keyboardist/arranger Lincoln Olivetti, establishing a solid partnership and making songs recorded by countless artists. Robson and Lincoln were in charge of writing the arrangements for most of the big MPB stars in the '80s, which granted them fame, money, and hard critic reviews that accused them of turning MPB into lame pop. Robson Jorge died alone and forgotten in 1992.