Roe Enney - Glare LP


Sold Out

Label: Root Strata

Our Review

In a word, Roe Enney is cryptic. So much so, that she could be actually be a hologram or an android's dream or a ball of ectoplasm half-materialized between this world and the next. Her smattering of cassette recordings disappeared as quickly as the were announced, with those lucky enough to hear them to always refer to them in hushed, reverent tones, lest the physical copies blink themselves out of existence.

Without the knowledge of her cassette recordings, Glare may seem a spartan production of vaporously deconstructed post-punk electronica, but these are considerably fleshed out from what she had previously produced. Her songs all lumber with a narcoleptic plod through ultra primitive drum machines and asynchronous electronic sequences as she sings her monotone lullabies and lurches upon bass. It makes for an eerie, emotionally detached atmosphere that harkens to the grim simplicity of Dark Day's no wave electronics, Carla Dal Forno's equally narcotized songwriting and even The Cure's oft forgotten instrumental mind-fuck Carnage Visors.

Certainly to be this one of this reviewer's favorite recordings produced in 2017.