Roedelius - Durch Die Wuste LP


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Label: Bureau B

Our Review:

Durch Die Wuste was the first solo outing by Hans-Joachim Roedelius of Cluster/Harmonia fame, originally out on 1978 on the always impeccable Sky label. Melding his tastes for classical composition, spaced out ambience and electronic rock possibilities, this album found Roedelius simmering in warm rolling waves that just invite you to get lost and daydream in their subtly hypnotic pull. What's most amazing and compelling about this album is how organic it all sounds. Years before folks were really getting a grasp of how to intertwine traditional instrumentation with electronics, Roedelius was doing it masterfully. We're also so taken by the divine percussive quality that rises to the surfaces on lots of the album, especially the record's last two songs where Roedelius manages to play the drums himself and creates an amazing orbital groove that we could listen to forever. Durch Die Wuste manages to combine both his more dark and outsider tendencies with his ability to create the ultimate in shimmering cosmic bliss. This clearly stands up against any of Cluster's breathtaking moments. Highly recommended!