Roedelius - Offene Turen LP


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Label: Bureau B

Our Review:

Offene Turen (Open Doors), Roedelius's little known fifth album from 1982 and is definitely not like the others. Often considered his "experimental" record, this album was completed shortly after the Cluster record Curiosum. It sometimes seems as if he wanted to make a record through the eyes of his more taciturn partner, Moebius. While it doesn't quite have Moebius's way with mechanical musical calibrations, the vibe is more stark and atmospheric and the closest we've heard any of the Cluster clan come to sounding cinematically proggy in the vein of John Carpenter and Goblin. Lots of church organ sounds and bell tones with an occasional glimpse into Roedelius's classical romantic side. Definitely one of the weirder records in the Cluster canon, there's lots to love, from songs that are seriously spooky and to other tracks that are charmingly naive experiments with the newest (at the time) digital tech.