Roedelius - Wenn Der Sudwind Weht LP


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Label: Bureau B

Our Review:

Roedelius's fourth solo record from 1981 has obvious connections to his first record Durch Die Wuste as evidenced from the similar album covers involving feet and water. But while his first record was a head-first dive into exploring the palatable possibilities of mixing acoustic and electronic instruments, Wenn Der Sudwind Weht is all about the tranquil relaxed after-glow, drying off in the afternoon sun. Limiting the instruments to just organ, synthesizers and piano, Sudwind is surprisingly rich and layered and arguably the most stunning of his solo records, reminding us of the pastoralism of Popol Vuh and early Deuter, but never succumbing to new age music's typical lack of focus. In fact, this may be the most essential of the Roedelius solo records. Highest recommendation!