Ron Everett - The Glitter Of The City LP


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Label: Jazzman

Jazzman Records present a reissue of Ron Everett's Glitter Of The City, originally released in 1977. As private pressings go, Ron Everett's Glitter Of The City is certainly one of the most obscure, controversial and mysterious of them all. Until now, the name Ron Everett has been practically unheard of outside his native Philadelphia, and only devoted funk and jazz enthusiasts have been aware of his album, originals of which are owned by literally just a handful of collectors scattered across the world. But with the help of noted local music buff Dave "Philly Dave" Louis, Jazzman Records has spent the past few years unearthing an incredible and unlikely story of selflessness, determination and tragedy. With its plain sleeve and homemade ethic, the Glitter Of The City wasn't sold in stores upon release, nor did it have any kind of distribution. Yet it comprises of funky jams, sweet jazzy soul and all manner of funk and blues infused jazz - a shimmering celebration of Philadelphia and its vibrant musical community. Jazzman's efforts have resulted in an official release complete with liner notes and photographs which tell the story of Ron Everett and his life in music. The label's research also yielded the master tape of an as-yet unreleased album, of which we have taken three tracks and added them to the record.