Roslyn & Charles - Everything Must Change LP


Sold Out

Label: Real Gone

Edition of 1,000.

The duo of Charles McCloud and Roslyn Johnson made only two albums during their career... but those two albums (Everything Must Change and Spirit of the Living God) are among the most collectible records ever made in the gospel genre. In fact, they are so hard to find that we're still searching for Spirit of the Living God to scan the artwork, but we managed to snag a copy of their 1981 debut Everything Must Change on the obscure Cheri label (though we may have to pass a collection plate to recoup the cost!).

It'll just take the first track to show you why these records are in such demand; you have never heard such a soulful (check out those harmonies!), slow-burning rendition of that hoary chestnut "Amazing Grace" in your sanctified life! And with able production by keyboardist Julius Brockington, who played with Larry Young and headed up several outfits of his own, Everything Must Change is a crossover album in the best sense of the word, blending the spiritual fervor of gospel and the danceable grooves of soul and — dare we say it? — disco. Don't miss the Donny Hathaway cover "Someday We'll All Be Free," too.