Ruins - Brain Flakes (The Lost Combo Tapes) LP


Label: Spittle

Release Date: April 12th, 2024

After achieving some decent notoriety, and not only in Italy, as an electro-pop duo (thanks mainly to the single 'Short Wave, a small 'classic' in the early years of that decade), between January 1982 and March 1983 Ruins morphed into a new five members line-up. With this fresh option, Ruins restructured the previous repertoire and produced entirely new material.

The original 4 track recording had remained largely unpublished at the time and seemed irretrievably lost. However, thanks to persistent research and with the aid of modern technology, they have been brilliantly recovered from the archives and are now available in this collection aptly titled Brain Flakes (The Lost Combo Tapes), bringing to light the 'explosive' blend of prog, funk, new wave, and electro-pop, that such short-lived lineup managed to create in just over a year of activity.