Shredded Nerve - In The Shadow Of What Never Was LP


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Label: Chondritic Sound

Our Review:

There's a specific act of American born terrorism which serves as the conceptual framework for this meditation on violence through sounds. Back in 1983, David and Doris Young took 153 people hostage at a school in Cokeville, Wyoming; yet their gasoline bomb unexpectedly exploded, severely injuring Doris. David aborted their plans to start a revolution by ransoming the schoolchildren for two million dollars by killing his wife and himself, leaving behind a number of questions as to why this tragedy had to happen. David Young did leave behind a convoluted manifesto entitled "Zero Equals Infinity", along with a checkered past of mental illness from both him and Doris. Shredded Nerve uses this gruesome chapter of American history as a subject to dwell and ruminate upon for this LP of gnarled electronics, nightmarish tape-loop hypnogogia and dystopian metallic klang. The restraint of these recordings is noteworthy given how easy it would be to take this to a theatrical extremes, positing the structures and compositions somewhat close to the realm of Small Cruel Party or the early convolutions from irr. app. (ext.), if Waldron were reinterpreted by Aaron Dilloway. Another exceptional document from Chondritic Sound!