Simon Fisher Turner - Giraffe LP


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Label: Editions Mego

Editions Mego present the latest opus from legendary British composer, actor, sound designer and all-round fine human, Simon Fisher Turner. Giraffe is a new major work which blurs the lines between sound design and song, machine severity and narrative sentimentality. Subtitled "Living In Sounds And Music," Giraffe takes the listener through a vast journey where an abstract clacking of unknown origin rubs up against a melancholic electronic sequence. "Life sounds" were captured with a portable hard disc recorder and iPhone and appear alongside contemporary sound design. Emma Smith provides the narrative on "Slight Smile" whilst electronic machines grind amongst background industrial clang in "Mud Larks." "Save As" revolves around a beautiful simple piano motif which soon folds into an unnerving field recording and drone combination. Giraffe is a document of interior and exterior duality, a living space where machines and the surrounding world collide, a sonic landscape where musical and nonmusical elements are placed on an level hierarchy. The alchemy of these constituent parts results in the magic of Giraffe, one where the symbiotic sequence of events highlights a unique approach to sound as rapturous matter in whatever form it takes. "Colour Fullness" features Elysian Quartet and Sawada. Elysian Quartet are Emma Smith, Vince Sipprell, Jenny Logan and Laura Moody. Vocals by Misako Yabuuchi and Emma Smith. Recordings made from 2008 to 2016. Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering; Engineered by Rashad Becker.