Slapp Happy - Acnalbasac Noom LP+CD


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Label: Tapete

Our Review:

Following a similar musical vein as Brian Enos' early pop recordings, Kraus's unique voice, as well as surreal lyrical sensibility, give the songs an eccentric aura of timelessness. Stylish 40's jazz motifs collide with primitive rock experimentation in a strange amalgam of high art and commercial pop music sensibilities. Not that the band were ever that commercially successful. In fact, Acnalbasac Noom was rejected by their British label, Virgin, and they were forced to re-record it with new arrangements including a string section for the more well-known self-titled release, also known as Casablanca Moon. The original version wouldn't be heard until 1980 a few years after the band split up. While it's arguable about which version of the album is better, the original recording with Faust rings truer to its art-rock conceits than the Virgin re-recording. While Acnalbasac Noom contains their most well-known songs, like The Drum and Me and Parvati, Sort Of more loosely sets the stage for what the band would become and has a fresh and unexpected feel to it. Both albums are highly worth your time.