Slapp Happy & Henry Cow - Desperate Straights LP


Sold Out

Label: ReR Megacorp

Desperate Straights was the first result of the historical meeting between Slapp Happy, the German/English avant-pop band and the apparently incompatible Henry Cow.

Recorded at Virgin Record's Manor Studios in 1974 and properly re-mastered by Bob Drake, Desperate Straights stands as a real piece of art from another time. A full set of great songs, including gems like "Bad Alchemy" and "Apes in Capes," arranged and performed by an amazing collective featuring Dagmar Krause's unique voice, Peter Blegvad and Anthony Moore's eccentric pop genius and the core quartet of Cow (Fred Frith, Tim Hodgkinson, John Greaves and Chris Cutler). Plus a bunch of very special guests, among them Nick Evans and Mongezi Feza (Brotherhood of Breath), Mont Campbell (Egg), and Pierre Moerlen (Gong).