Space Thing OST LP+DVD


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Label: Modern Harmonic

In 1968 A.D., years before (and possibly inspiring?) the Star Wars franchise David Friedman pounded out this "science friction" that takes place in the year 2069. The "film" borrows greatly (and literally) from Star Trek, cleverly repurposing the USS Enterprise into the SS Supreme Erection simply by making it fly backwards and upside down! Speaking of repurposing, the music was upcycled from Friedman's She Freak by adding space sounds and space moans & groans! This is the first ever soundtrack for this first ever color sci-fi flick for mature audiences. The package features sounds of space, spy tension, Hammond freakouts, a zine with extensive liners from Lisa "Something Weird" Petrucci, supersonic silver vinyl… and a DVD of the entire awful film!