Starfuckers - Sinistri 2xLP


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Label: Parachute

Our Review:

Starfuckers' second full length from 1994 is a huge departure from the Pop/Williamson inspired guitar bombast of their debut, "Metallic Diseases." Though the record relies heavily on empty space and atmosphere there are hints to their previous incarnation. Amp noise and feedback play a huge part in the recording but in a subdued, almost delicate way. And while the minimal approach is the highlight of the album, the listener is treated to the surprisingly riff heavy, "Ordine Pubblico," that utilizes castanets to accentuate the main percussion rendering it some kind of bizarre flamenco. This is the closest to a rocker on the LP, but this is more an experimental record that utilizes rock instrumentation than the other way around. Oscillators, keys and other sinister sounds float in and out as do sporadic, disembodied vocals to create an unnerving tension. There are nods to Cage, Gruppo and other modern composers / improvisers but it also has just as much in common with Red Krayola, This Heat or US Maple.